What is Queerencia?

Derived from the Spanish word "querencia", which is a place where one feels safe and is able to be their most authentic self, Queerencia is an LGBTQ+ lifestyle brand that aims to be that for the queer community by empowering all people within it to embrace their true identity and express themselves boldly and proudly.

Queerencia is a Black & LGBTQ+ owned brand that merges queer history and culture with trendy products to better educate, influence, and encourage all types of queer people and allies of our community.

Our Mission

We strive to empower the LGBTQ+ community to embrace who they are and show off their queer pride, while providing resources where they feel included, are treated equally, and can learn about queer history.

Who We Are

Queerencia was created by us, Alex and Ty, two queer friends born and raised in the Midwest who are passionate about our community and heavily involved with local Columbus, Ohio LGBTQ+ organizations. We realized that there are a lot of companies out there today that only cater to a small section of the queer community and that many types of people within it aren't represented well. This sparked the creation of this safe space to give all identities of the LGBTQ+ spectrum a chance to be included and the ability to display their queer pride.

Stay Tuned

We may just be getting started, but we have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline! Stay connected with us on social media or by email and keep your eyes out for awesome new designs, products, and more!